Phrygian dominant scale

chromatic scale R ♭2 2 ♭3 3 4 ♭5 5 ♭6 6 ♭7 7
Phrygian dominant scale R ♭2     3 4   5 ♭6   ♭7  
Phrygian mode R ♭2   ♭3   4   5 ♭6   ♭7  

The Phrygian dominant scale is a scale obtained by adding a major third to the Phrygian mode. It is also called the Spanish Phrygian scale, because it is reminiscent of flamenco music. It can be used anywhere the Phrygian mode would have been used, such as over minor seventh flat nine chords and Phrygian or sus flat nine chords. The major third means that the chord can also generate a dominant seventh chord with a flat and sharp nine and a sharp five.