broad axe

broad axe

A broad axe is a axe with a broad cutting head. The head of a medium-sized broad axe weighs about 3 to 4 pounds and has an offset eye that cocks the handle to the side, allowing you to work close to logs without bruising your knuckles. A broad axe is beveled on one side only, much like a giant chisel and is used like a chisel to cut a smooth, flat log surface.


Large broad axes of 8 to 10 pounds have a 12-inch blade and are best used for major hewing tasks.


A log can be completely had hewn using only a broad axe. But many craftsmen like to do the final finishing with an adze. There are also smaller broad axes called broad hatchets used for work in close quarters and specialty axes, such as the mortise axe which has a long blade for chopping larges mortises or log notches.