Firebelly stoves

Firebelly FB1

Firebelly is a British company that manufactures contemporary-looking wood-burning stoves. Firebelly's first stove, the FB1 (illustrated here), offers a maximum output of 6 kilowatts and a number of highly developed features throughout. Advanced controls allow easy regulation of the burning rate to ensure that the stove burns efficiently and cleanly. The FB2 is next in line, following the same design principles as the FB1 but with double the heat output. Features of Firebelly stoves include:


  • Very large glass windows to create ambience by offering an unrestricted view of the wood burning flames

  • Unique and uninterrupted 'air shield' system that helps maintain a clean glass panel

  • Stay-cool door handle

  • Air convection channels that distribute heat evenly and efficiently into the room

  • Heat reflective fire-bricks line every side, the top and the bottom. This keeps the fire bed at optimum temperature

  • Multifuel kit available for burning wood and/or solid mineral fuels

  • Wide range of color finishes