laser level

laser level

A laser level is a laser-based tool that enables plumb, level, or square measurements to be established quickly and accurately. Laser levels are used to set foundation levels, establish proper drainage slopes, square framing, align plumbing and electrical lines, and when hanging drop-ceilings. A great advantages is that they enable one person to do a job that normally takes two. Instead of one person sighting through the optical scope taking readings while a second person holds a rod, the laser level is set up, turned on, and the same person can go around with the stick to take the readings.


A laser may be mounted on a tripod, fastened onto pipes or framing studs, or suspended from ceiling framing. Levels for professional construction jobs are housed in sturdy casings designed to withstand jobsite conditions. These tools come in a variety of sizes and weights depending on the application.


Also see electronic level.