Artificial lighting consumes almost 15% of a household's electricity use. Use of new lighting technologies can reduce lighting energy use in homes by 50–75%.


You can reduce lighting energy use by selecting lighting and sources that use energy more efficiently, and by installing lighting controls.

Here you'll find the following information:


  • Lighting principles and terms
    Lighting performance and design factors to consider for energy efficiency.

  • Lighting design
    Basic indoor and outdoor lighting design principles and methods for energy efficiency.

  • Types of Lighting
    Lamp types to consider and compare for energy efficiency.

  • Lighting controls
    Controls to automatically turn lighting on and off as needed.

  • Lamp and ballast replacement
    Replacing lamps and/or ballasts in light fixtures to improve energy efficiency.

  • Lighting maintenance
    Basic maintenance to help keep your lights operating at their optimum energy efficiency.

  • When to turn off your lights
    Energy-saving advice for when to turn off incandescent and fluorescent lights.