peeling spud

A peeling spud, also called a peeling iron or bark spud, is a remarkably effective tool used for stripping the bark off logs while limiting damage to the wood underneath. It may have a handle as long as 4 feet or as short as 1 foot. This is attached to a curved blade with a beveled edge or a dished blade with three cutting edges. The cutting edge or edges should be kept sharpened on the top side only so that the blade can slip easily between the bark and the wood. The last slivers of bark can be taken off with a drawknife.


peeling spud


To use a peeling spud push it away from your body and keep hands and feet away from the front of the blade.


Removing bark from a log slows the decay process and gives the wood a longer life. The best time to debark is in the spring or summer when the logs are green. Logs felled in the winter have a stronger cambial layer, making the debarking process much harder.