sledge hammer

sledge hammers

A sledge hammer is a very heavy, long-handled hammer used for driving stakes, pins, and wedges, or demolition. The head is double sided so that either end can be used to strike an object. Sledge hammers typically weigh 8 to 16 pounds and have a wooden or fiberglass handle.


Safety is paramount when using a sledgehammer because of the size of the tool and the force of the impact. These precautions are advisable:


  • Wear googles to prevent splinters going in your eyes.
  • Check the sledgehammer to make sure there are no defects.
  • Be sure that no one is standing in the surrounding area.
  • Hold the sledgehammer with both hands.
  • Stand directly in front of the object you want to drive.
  • Lift the sledgehammer straight up above the target.
  • Set the head of the sledgehammer on the target.
  • Begin delivering short blows to the target and gradually increase the length and force of the stroke.