smart sprinkler controller

Cyber-Rain sprinkler controller

Cyber-Rain sprinkler controller.

A smart sprinkler controller is a water sprinkler control system that automatically adjusts the level of lawn watering based on weather and seasonal conditions. For example, a smart (computerized) sprinkler controller will decrease the watering schedule on rainy, cold, or humid days, and increase it on hot and dry days thus saving water and time, and reducing the landscaping water bill by 30 to 70 percent. It is also better for plants than a sprinkler with a manually-adjusted timer since it only waters them when they need it.


The system illustrated here, manufactured by Cyber-Rain, works wirelessly through a home PC and sells for about $400. Among Cyber-Rain's features: it won't water for 24 hours after it rains, and, by linking to the Internet, monitors forecasts from the Weather Channel so that it can water the lawn accordingly.