wood stove fan control

A wood stove fan control works as a thermostat, sensing the temperature of a wood stove and activating the stove's blower when a certain temperature is reached. It does away with the need to manually control the blower. A fan control can also be used to start a circulator for distributing the hot water from a stove water jacket or hot water heating system.


wood stove fan control


Stove-Stat manufacture a wood stove fan control that uses a disk-type thermostat and heat sensor that snaps on magnetically to the outer stove wall near the blower. The control is set to automatically turn on the blower when the unit heats up to about 110°F and turn off the blower when the temperature drops to about 90°F. This way the the blower only operates when the stove is producing heat.


The Stove-Stat SS-1 has a dual plug that connects the device and the blower plug directly to any wall outlet. It needs no wiring and installs in seconds. Its current rating is 4.4 amps at 115V, 60Hz or 2.2 amps at 230V.


Also available are devices that use a rheostat to control the speed of a stove's fan, in the same way that a dimmer switch controla thr brightest of a light. For example, Dial-A-Temp's fan rheostat connects in moments to your stove's fan and a wall socket (with a three-pin plug). It is rated for light motor loads up to 3 amps and can increase the versality of all types of fans and blowers.