cardioid microphone

A cardioid microphone is a directional microphone with a pickup pattern that is most sensitive to sounds coming from the front and sides, emphasizing the sound from which the microphone is pointed, while rejecting sounds coming from the rear. The pickup pattern is roughly heart-shaped when viewed from above, hence the name "cardioid." Cardioid microphones are a very versatile microphone, ideal for general handheld applications.


cardioid polar pattern
Cardioid polar pattern


The supercardioid microphone is a variation of the cardioid microphone that is most sensitive at the front while rejecting sounds entering 150 degrees to the rear. The supercardioid pattern is very similar to, and often confused with, the pattern of the hypercardioid microphone. The supercardioid pattern is slightly less directional than the hypercardioid pattern, but the rear lobe of sensitivity is also much smaller in the supercardioid.