Hungarian minor scale

G Hungarian minor

Guitar tab for G Hungarian minor.

G harmonic minor

Guitar tab for G harmonic minor – same as for Hungarian, except every fourth is a semitone lower.

chromatic scale R ♭2 2 ♭3 3 4 ♭5 5 ♭6 6 ♭7 7
Hungarian minor R   2 ♭3 ♭4     5 ♭6     7
harmonic minor R   2 ♭3   4   5 ♭6     7

The Hungarian minor scale, also known as the gypsy minor scale or double harmonic minor scale, is a scale much used in Eastern European music. It is the same as the harmonic minor scale with one exception – it has a raised fourth. Its alternative name of 'double harmonic' comes from the fact that it has two intervals of a minor third (3 frets each on a guitar), a characteristic that imbues it with an even more exotic feel than the plain harmonic minor. It can, however, often be used to substitute for the harmonic minor when improvising or composing melodies.