Children's Encyclopedia of Science

The Children's Encyclopedia of Science is a collection of science and technology resources aimed at children aged about 8 to 16, consisting largely of on-line versions of David Darling's award-winning supplementary education books.


Experiment! series


Between Fire and Ice: The Science of Heat

From Glasses to Gases: The Science of Matter

Making Light Work: The Science of Optics

Sounds Interesting: The Science of Sound

Spiderwebs to Skyscrapers: The Science of Structures

Up, Up, and Away: The Science of Flight


Discovering Our Universe series


The Moon: A Spaceflight Away

The Sun: Our Neighborhood Star

The Planets: The Next Frontier

Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids: Rocks in Space


Could You Ever? series


Could You Ever Build a Time Machine?

Could You Ever Dig a Hole to China?

Could You Ever Fly to the Stars?

Could You Ever Live Forever?

Could You Ever Meet an Alien?

Could You Ever Speak Chimpanzee?


Beyond 2000 series


Computers of the Future: Intelligent Machines and Virtual Reality

Genetic Engineering: Redrawing the Blueprint of Life

Micromachines and Nanotechnology: The Amazing New World of the Ultrasmall

The Health Revolution: Surgery and Medicine in the Twenty-first Century




Climate Change for Kids

Energy for Kids

Flight for Kids

Forensic Science for Kids

Genetics for Kids. It's In Your Genes: Does Identical DNA Make Identical People?

Identity and DNA

Invertebrates for Kids

Magnetism for Kids

speed and velocity

Teeth for Kids

Ultrasound for Kids


For older students and adults