Astrosociology is the study of astrosocial phenomena, i.e., social and cultural patterns related to space. This new sociological subfield examines human behavior related to space, and how these activities influence a particular society as well as human societies in the international community. When considering a particular society, the interactive effects between the astrosocial sector (where astrosocial phenomena occur) and the non-astrosocial sector (including the non-space-related groups and institutions such as politics, economy, and religion) becomes an important focus as one dimension of overall cultural and social change. Allen Tough coined the term "astrosociology," though provided no definition, in 1995 in a web article entitled "Positive Consequences of SETI Before Detection" (later published in 1998 in the journal Acta Astronautica (42(10–12): 745–748)). Jim Pass borrowed the term, developed its definition and scope, and established astrosociology.com in June 2003 to promote and facilitate development of this new subdiscipline.