dovetail saw

dovetail saw

Dovetail saw by Adria Tools.

A dovetail saw is a small backsaw used by furniture makers to cut dovetails and other fine joints. Besides its small size, the distinguishing feature of the dovetail saw that separates it from other backsaws is the thickness of its blade – about 0.018" (26 gauge). Other backsaws can be about 0.025"-0.040", depending on length and intended purpose. A thin blade and its resulting kerf allows the most accurate saw cut for a small joint like a drawer's dovetail.


Although most dovetail saw teeth are set for cross-cutting, a rip saw tooth pattern is more efficient. These saws will usually have a higher number of teeth per inch (around 15 tpi) with teeth sharpened to favor ripping operations and set to leave a narrow kerf.


Unlike tenon saws, which invariably have closed handles, dovetail saws either fist grip or pistol grip handles.