DSCS (Defense Satellite Communications System)

DSCS 3 satellite

DSCS 3 satellite.

DSCS (Defense Satellite Communications System) is the United States Department of Defense global network of strategic communications satellites, referred to as 'Discus'. DSCS provides uninterrupted secure voice and high data rate communications between major military terminals and national command authorities. It was developed in three phases. The first was originally known as IDCSP (Interim DSCS) but renamed DSCS 1 upon becoming operational. The second phase involved much larger spacecraft placed in true geosynchronous orbits between 1971 and 1975. Seven of these were still working in 1982 when the first DSCS 3 satellites were launched. A constellation of six DSCS 3 satellites (four operational and two spares) in geosynchronous orbit is now up and running.