Ekspress is a series of Russian communications satellites in geostationary orbit. Seven Ekspress-AM satellites have been launched, designated AM-1, -2, -3, -11, -22, -33, and -44. The spacecraft were built by Russian RSCC (Kosmicheskiya Svyaz) and carry communication payloads all built by Alcatel except for AM-1 (NEC). On March 28, 2006, Ekspress AM-11 was hit by either a micrometeorite or a piece of space debris, which caused instantaneous depressurization of the thermal control system fluid circuit, followed by a sudden outburst of the heat-carrying agent. This led to a loss of spacecraft orientation and rotation. After regaining control, the satellite was put into a graveyard orbit above GEO. Ekspress was designed to gradually replace the Gorizont series.