Ekspress is a series of Russian communications satellites in geostationary orbit. Seven Ekspress-AM satellites have been launched, designated AM–1, –2, –3, –11, –22, –33, and –44. The spacecraft were built by Russian RSCC (Kosmicheskiya Svyaz) and carry communication payloads all built by Alcatel except for AM-1 (NEC).


On 28 March 2006, Ekspress AM–11 was hit by either a micrometeorite or a piece of space debris, which caused instantaneous depressurization of the thermal control system fluid circuit, followed by a sudden outburst of the heat-carrying agent. This led to a loss of spacecraft orientation and rotation. After regaining control, the satellite was put into a graveyard orbit above GEO. Ekspress was designed to gradually replace the Gorizont series.