NUSAT (Northern Utah Satellite)

NUSAT (Northern Utah Satellite) is an air traffic control radar calibration satellite built by Weber State University (WSU) and Utah State University (USU) students and staff at Ogden, Utah. It was deployed from a modified Get-Away Special canister on the Space Shuttle Challenger. NUSAT measured 48 cm in diameter and was an 18-sided cylinder. It orbited for 20 mo until reentering on the Dec 15, 1986, and demonstrated that satellites could be built small, simple, and at low cost for special applications. With this satellite, WSU and USU shared the claim to be the first American University to place a satellite in space.



shuttle deployment Apr. 29, 1985
mission STS-51B
orbit 318 × 339 km × 57.0°
mass 54 kg