PAET (Planetary Atmospheric Entry Test)

PAET (Planetary Atmospheric Entry Test)

Planetary Atmospheric Experiment Test (PAET) 3/4 top view of the completed PAET Engineering model showing the details of the assembly of the components and wiring harness.

PAET (Planetary Atmospheric Entry Test) is a NASA experiment to study the feasibility of using measurements (include mass spectrometer measurements) made by high-speed entry probes to determine the structure and composition of unknown planetary atmospheres. The concept, developed by Alvin Seiff of the Ames Research Laboratory, was demonstrated by PAET in Earth's atmosphere and later used to investigate the atmospheric structures, of Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. PAET was in fact the world's first reentry atmospheric reconstruction experiment.


launch date Jun 20, 1971
launch vehicle Scout B
launch site Wallops Island