Phillips, Hubert (1891–1964)

Hubert Phillips was an English compiler of crosswords and word puzzles who wrote under the pseudonyms 'Dogberry' in the News Chronicle magazine and 'Caliban' in the New Statesman. He was also a prolific writer of epigrams, parodies, and satirical verse, and appeared on many radio quizzes. Phillips earned a first class degree in history at Oxford, served in the army throughout the First World War, taught economics at Bristol University, and was active in the British Liberal Party. He was an accomplished player of contract bridge, captaining England in 1937 and 1938.


Among his many publications are Caliban's Problem Book, The Complete Book of Card Games, Brush Up Your Wits, My Best Puzzles in Mathematics, over a hundred crime-problem stories, and a novel, Charteris Royal.



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