SURFSAT (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Satellite)

SURFSAT (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Satellite) is a small satellite built by undergraduate students and JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) to support experiments by NASA's Deep Space Network. The satellite is designed to mimic signals from planetary spacecraft, and radiates milliwatt-level radio frequency signals in the X-, Ku-, and Ka-bands. These signals support research and development experiments supporting future implementation of Ka-band communications, tests of new 11-m ground stations built to support the Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry project, and training of ground station personnel. From conception through launch, the spacecraft cost approximately $3 million, including design, fabrication, test, and launch integration.



launch date Nov 4, 1995
launch vehicle Delta 7925
launch site Vandenberg Air Force Base
orbit 934 × 1,494 km × 100.6°
size 0.8 × 0.3 m
mass 55 kg