Hand sign for Ti (B) in the solfege system

The hand sign for Ti (pitch of B) in solfege.

octaves of B

The notes of B in different octaves on the stave, in scientific pitch notation, and on a standard piano keyboard, with frequencies shown in hertz.

B is one of the notes in the diatonic scale; it is the seventh note (leading note) in the scale of C major. It lies a half-step (semitone) below C. In solfege, it is called Ti. In German, B corresponds to B flat (B natural being called 'H').


Using a reference frequency of 440 Hz for the A above middle C, and calculated in equal temperament, middle B (B4) has a frequency of 493.883 Hz. The 2nd string of a guitar in open tuning is tuned to B3.


B is the key of B major.