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The outermost moon but one of Uranus. Setebos was discovered on Jul. 18, 1999, together with Stephano and Prospero, by Brett Gladman, Matthew Holman, and J. J. Kavelaars using the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. It is named after the god worshipped by Caliban and Sycorax in Shakespeare's play The Tempest and is also known as Uranus XIX. Setebos is a small, irregular moon with a highly inclined, retrograde orbit.

discovery 1999, Kavelaars et al
semimajor axis 17,501,000 km (10,877,000 miles)
diameter ~24 km (15 miles)
orbital period 2,234.8 days
orbital eccentricity 0.584
orbital inclination 158°
visual albedo 0.04 (assumed)

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