Alnair (Alpha Gruis)

Alnair in Grus

Alnair (Alpha Grus) is the brightest star in the constellation Grus and the thirtieth brightest star in the sky. Its Arabic name (also written "Al Na'ir") means "the bright one," and comes from a longer phrase for "the bright one in the fish's tail," since the Arabs considered the stars of Grus to be the tail of Piscis Austrinus. Alnair can't be seen from latitudes higher than 42° N.


The star Zeta Centauri is also known as Alnair.


visual magnitude 1.73
absolute magnitude -0.74
spectral type B7IV
surface temperature 13,500 K
luminosity 380 Lsun
distance 101 light-years (31 pc)
position RA 22h 08m 14s,
Dec -46° 57' 40"
other designations Gl 848.2, HR 8425, CD -47°14063,
HD 209952, GCTP 5339.00,
SAO 230992, FK5 829, HIP 109268