Cybele group

The Cybele group is a group of asteroids in the outer part of the main asteroid belt at a mean distance from the Sun of 3.4 astronomical units (AU), corresponding roughly to a 4:7 resonance with Jupiter. Along with the Jupiter Trojans, the Hilda group, and Thule, the Cybeles are thought to be remains of the original asteroid population that have remained in more-or-less the same orbital locations since the dawn of the solar system. The prototype, 65 Cybele, was discovered in 1861 by the German astronomer Wilhelm Tempel.


Data for 65 Cybele
diameter 237 km
spectral class P
semimajor axis 3.433 AU
perihelion 3.077 AU
aphelion 3.789 AU
eccentricity 0.104
inclination 3.55°