Daphnis (moon of Saturn)


Daphnis is seen as a tiny disk in the Keeler Gap of Saturn's rings in this image taken by the Cassini spacecraft on 1 May 2005, from a distance of 525,000 kilometers (326,000 miles). Image: NASA/JPL.

Daphnis is a small inner moon of Saturn, which orbits within the Keeler Gap of the A-ring of Saturn's rings. The Keeler Gap edges are similar to the scalloped edges of the 322-kilometer-wide (200-miles) Encke Gap, where Pan resides. Daphnis is also known as Saturn XXXV and was given the provisional name S/2005 S1 following its discovery.


discovery 2005, Cassini imaging team
semimajor axis 136,505 km (84,838 mi)
diameter 6–8 km
orbital period 0.594 days (14 h 15 min)
orbital eccentricity ~0.0
orbital inclination ~0.0°
visual albedo 0.5