Gliese 853

Gliese 853

Gliese 853.

Gliese 853 (HD 211415, HIP 110109) is a nearby Sun-like star in the constellation Grus regarded as a promising candidate for habitability if it possesses any Earth-like planets within its habitable zone. It ranks in the top five stars most likely to support life in a shortlist drawn up in 2006 by astrobiologist Margaret Turnbull, one of the authors of HabCat (Catalog of Nearby Habitable Systems).


distance 44.35 light-years (13.60 pc)
spectral type G1 V
luminosity (Sun=1) 1.16
metallicity (Sun=1) 1.44
apparent magnitude 5.38
absolute magnitude 4.69
position R.A. 22h 18m 15.6s,
Dec. -53° 37' 17"
other catalog designations HD 211415, HIP 110109,
HR 8501