HD 130322

HD 130322

HD 130322 is a K-type star in the constellation Virgo around which an exoplanet has been found. HD 130322 b, the discovery of which was announced in 2000,1 is a planet with a minimum mass slightly more than that of Jupiter. It orbits its host star in a very small orbit at average distance of only one eighth that of Mercury from the Sun. It thus qualifies as a "hot Jupiter" or epistellar Jovian.


Host star
distance 97.02 light-years (29.76 pc)
spectral type K0V
apparent magnitude 8.05
position RA 14h 47m 32.73s; Dec -00° 16' 53.31"
other catalog designations BD+00°3243, HIP 72339


mass (Jupiter=1) > 1.08
semimajor axis 0.088 AU (13.2 million km, 8.2 million mi)
orbital period 10.72 days
eccentricity 0.048
discovery 1999, Geneva Observatory
method radial velocity



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