HD 134987

HD 134987

HD 134987 is a Sunlike star, also known as 23 Librae, in the constellation Libra around which has been found an exoplanet. This planet, the discovery of which was announced in 1999, orbits within its star's habitable zone at a mean distance from its host star slightly than that of Venus from the Sun.


Host star
Distance 81.5 light-years (25 pc)
Spectral type G5 V
Apparent magnitude 6.45
Position RA 15h 13m 28s; Dec. -25° 18' 33"
Other catalog designations 23 Librae, HR 5657, SAO 183275

Mass (Jupiter=1) 1.58
Semimajor axis 0.78 AU (117 million km, 73 million mi)
Orbital period 260 days
Eccentricity 0.25
Discovery 1999, SFSU Planet Search
Method radial velocity