704 Interamnia


Video of Interamnia made from six CCD images taken on 1-2 April 2003 with the Bowling Green State University 0.5-meter telescope and CCD. On the night of observing, Interamnia had a magnitude of 11.9 and was moving at around 0.26" per minute. © Gloria Doller and Andy Layden.

704 Interamnia is the fifth largest main belt asteroid. It was given the Latin name for the town in which it was discovered – Teramo, Italy – by Vincenzo Cerulli in 1910.


diameter 338 km
albedo 0.06
spectral class F
rotational period 8.73 hours
semimajor axis 3.062 AU
perihelion 2.617 AU
aphelion 3.512 AU
eccentricity 0.146
inclination 17.32°
period 5.36 years