Jung, Carl Gustav (1875–1961)

Carl Jung

Carl Jung was a Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist who founded analytic psychology. Jung studied psychiatry at Basel University, his postgraduate studies being in parapsychology. After working with Bleuler and Janet, he met Sigmund Freud (1907), whom he followed for some years. But he disagreed with, particularly, Freud's belief in the purely sexual nature of the libido, and in 1913 he broke away completely.


In Psychological Types (1921) Jung expounded his views on introversion and extroversion. Later he investigated anthropology and the occult to form the idea of archetypes, the universal symbols present in the collective unconscious.


Jung believed that a direct encounter with intellectually superior beings would be disastrous for our race:


[Th]e reigns would be torn from our hands and we would, as a tearful old medicine man once said to me, find ourselves 'without dreams,' that is, we would find our intellectual and spiritual aspirations so outmoded as to leave us completely paralyzed.