3 Juno


Images of asteroid 3 Juno taken with the Hooker telescope show what appears to be a 96-kilometer-wide crater. The crater is visible as a darkened area in the lower left quadrant in the 833 nanometer and 934 nanometer images.

3 Juno is the ninth largest asteroid and third to be discovered, in 1804 by the German astronomer Karl Harding (1765–1834). Surface maps of Juno made from observations by the 100-inch Hooker Telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory in 2003 show the presence of what may be a 96-kilometer (60-mile) wide crater.


diameter 230 × 288 km
spectral class S
albedo 0.2
rotational period 7.2 hours
semimajor axis 2.669 AU
perihelion 1.979 AU
aphelion 3.358 AU
eccentricity 0.258
inclination 12.97°
period 4.36 years