Losat-X (Low Altitude Satellite Experiment)


Losat-X (Low Altitude Satellite Experiment) was a test flight of United States Department of Defense sensors as part of the Strategic Defense Initiative. Losat-X was launched alongside Navstar GPS-11. Its main mission was remote sensing using a a multispectral imaging package and a wide field-of-view star camera. Designed for a three-month lifetime, the satellite accomplished its primary objectives in the first 24 hours. The secondary mission objectives were not met, however, due to a failure in the command receiver nine days after launch.


launch date Jul 4, 1991
launch vehicle Delta 7925
launch site Cape Canaveral
orbit 405 km × 417 km × 40.0°
size 1.2 × 0.9 × 0.3 m
mass 75 kg