NGC 4622

NGC 4622. Credit: Space Telescope Science Institute

NGC 4622 is a type Sa spiral galaxy, seen face on, in the constellation Centaurus. It is a member of the Centaurus Cluster.


NGC 4622 is unique in that it is the only known system of this type to have outer arms that point toward the direction of the galaxy's rotation (clockwise), while the inner arms point in the opposite direction. The unique rotational configuration of the arms may be the result of a past minor merger or a mild tidal encounter with a smaller companion galaxy. Possible evidence for a minor merger is a short, central dust lane, although this is circumstantial.


visual magnitude 12.5
apparent size 1.7' × 1.6'
distance 110 million light-years (34 Mpc)
position RA 12h 42m 37.6s, Dec -40° 44' 35"
other designations ESO 322-57, GC 3156,
AM 1239-402, LEDA 42701,
MCG-07-26-031, SGC 123954-4028.2