Naiad from Voyager 2. The elongation is due to smearing of the image.

Naiad is the innermost moon of Neptune. It was discovered by the Voyager Imaging Team in September 1989. It is named after the Naiads (nymphs) of Greek legend and is also known as Neptune III. Naiad is small object of irregular shape, which orbits just 23,200 km (14,400 mi) above the Neptunian cloudtops.


discovery 1989, by Voyager 2
semimajor axis 48,227 km (29,973 mil)
diameter 96×60×52 km (60×37×32 mil)
orbital period 0.294 day (7 h 3 min)
orbital eccentricity 0.0003
orbital inclination 4.75° (to Neptune equator)
visual albedo 0.06