National Space Club

The National Space Club (NSC) is a non-profit, pro-space group, open to general membership, but comprised mainly of professionals in the aerospace industry. Based in Washington, DC, it acts as an information conduit and organizes monthly meetings and an annual "Outlook on Space" conference. Its stated objectives are to: "promote United States space leadership through conferences and other literary and educational means; stimulate the advancement of civilian and military applications of rocketry and astronautics, and related technologies, for the benefit of all mankind; bring together persons from the federal government, industry, educational institutions and others, for the exchange of information on rocketry and, through them, to inform the public at large; provide suitable recognition and do honor to individuals and organizations that have contributed to the advancement of rocketry and astronautics." The NSC was formed as the National Rocket Club on Oct 4, 1957 – the day Sputnik 1 was launched.