Ophelia is the second moon in order of distance from Uranus. It is named after the daughter of Polonius in Shakespeare's play Hamlet and is also known as Uranus VII. Ophelia acts as the outer shepherd moon for Uranus's epsilon ring. It was discovered on 20 January 1986 by the Voyager scientist Richard J. Terrile from images sent back by Voyager 2 and was given the temporary designation S/1986 U8.




discovery 1986, by Voyager 2
orbit semi-major axis 53,790 km (33,430 m)
diameter 54 × 38 km (34 × 24 mi)
orbital period 0.376 days (9 h 1 min)
orbital eccentricity 0.0101
orbital inclination 0.093º
axial period synchronous (assumed)
visual albedo 0.07 (assumed)