Rosalind, moon of Uranus

Rosalind as seen by Voyager 2 with the rings of Uranus to the right.

Rosalind is the eighth moon in order of distance from Uranus. It is named after the daughter of the banished Duke in Shakespeare's play As You Like It and is also known as Uranus XIII. Rosalind was discovered by Voyager scientist Stephen P. Synnott from images sent back by Voyager 2 on 13 January 1986 and was given the temporary designation S/1986 U4.


discovery 1986, by Voyager 2
orbit semi-major axis 69,940 km (43,470 mi)
diameter 72 ± 12 km (45 ± 7 mi)
orbital period 0.558 days (14 hr 8 min)
orbital eccentricity 0.0001
orbital inclination 0.28°
visual albedo 0.07 (assumed)