Sarabhai, Vikram Ambalal (1919–1971)

Vikram Sarabhai was a leading pioneer of India's space program. Born into a wealthy business family, Sarabhai broke with tradition and chose to enter science. He earned a PhD in physics in England and studied cosmic rays with the eminent physicist Chandrasekhar Raman at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. In 1948, he founded the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad which later served as the nucleus of India's space program. Sarabhai expanded the Indian Space Research Organisation, oversaw India's first satellite Aryabhatta in 1975, and initiated the Satellite Instructional Television experiment (SITE). When SITE was put into action in 1975–1976, after Sarabhai's death, it brought education to five million people in 2,400 Indian villages.


Vikram Sarabhai