Themis family

The Themis family is a Hirayama family of asteroids in the outer part of the main asteroid belt at a mean distance of 3.13 AU from the Sun. It is one of the most populous and well-defined families, consisting of a core of large objects surrounded by a cloud of mostly smaller ones. The core includes 24 Themis, discovered in 1853 by the Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis (1819–1892), 62 Erato, 90 Antiope, 468 Lina, 526 Jena, and 846 Lipperta. Most family members are C-type asteroids with low albedos.


Data for 24 Themis
diameter 228 km
spectral class C
semimajor axis 3.130 AU
perihelion 2.71 AU
aphelion 3.55 AU
inclination 0.8°