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carnivorous plant

green pitcher plant
The green pitcher plant, found in swampy areas in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee
Also called an insectivorous plant, a specialized plant whose leaves are adapted to trap and digest insects, which supplement their food supply. They have poorly developed root systems and are normally found living in nitrogen-deficient sandy or boggy soils, or as epiphytes. The insects may be caught in vase-like traps (e.g., the pitcher plant, Sarracenia flava), by leaves that spring shut (e.g., the Venus fly trap, Dionaea muscipula), by a trapdoor (e.g., the bladderworts, Utricularia), or on sticky leaves (e.g., the sundews, Drosera). The captured insects are broken down by enzymes secreted by the plants and the products absorbed.

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