indium (In)


Indium ingots.

Indium (In) is a very soft, silvery-white, rare metallic element in group IIIA of the periodic table, resembling aluminum. Indium is prepared from the dust residues of zinc processing. It forms trivalent compounds and some monovalent ones.


Malleable and ductile, indium is used in solders, low-melting-point alloys, germanium transistors, glass seals, mirror surfaces, bearing alloys, and (combined with group VA elements) in semiconductors. Its most common isotope is 115In (95.77%).


atomic number 49
relative atomic mass 114.8
relative density 7.31 (20°C)
melting point 156.6°C (313.9°F)
boiling point 2,072°C (3,762°F)