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NGC 2516

NGC 2516
NGC 2516. Image credit: S. Leach
NGC 2516 is a very bright, young (~140 million years) open cluster in the constellation Carina. Also known as the Southern Beehive Cluster (because of its similarity to M44, the Beehive Cluster), it contains more than 100 stars, the brightest of which is an fifth magnitude red giant that lies near the center. NGC 2516 was first recorded by Nicolas Lacaille in 1751-52.

visual magnitude 3.8
angular size 30'
distance 1,300 light-years (400 pc)
position R.A. 07h 58m 20s,
Dec. -60° 52'
other designations Melotte 82, Collinder 172,
C 0757-607, OCl 776.0

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