alternative fuel

An alternative fuel is a fuel used for transportation that offers substantial environmental benefits over petroleum. The term "alternative fuel" does not include alcohol or other blended portions of primarily petroleum-based fuels used as oxygenates or extenders, i.e., MTBE, ETBE, other ethers, and the 10-percent ethanol portion of gasohol.


Alternative fuels include the following:


  • methanol
  • denatured ethanol, and other alcohols
  • fuel mixtures containing 85 percent or more by volume of methanol, denatured ethanol, and other alcohols with gasoline or other fuels – natural gas
  • liquefied petroleum gas (propane)
  • hydrogen
  • coal-derived liquid fuels
  • fuels (other than alcohol) derived from biological materials (biofuel such as soy diesel fuel)
  • electricity (including electricity from solar energy