CS- (Communications Satellite)

CS, Japanese communications satellite.

CS- was the designation of a Japanese communications satellite program also known by the national name Sakura ("cherry blossom"). Spacecraft in the CS series, which were launched by NASDA (National Space Development Agency) supported domestic telecommunications and also enabled new technologies to be developed and tested.


The last two members of the CS series, CS-3A and CS-3B, finished their programmed operations on 30 November 1995 and 31 May 1996, rspectively.


spacecraft launch date launch vehicle launch site GSO location mass (kg)
CS-1 Dec 15, 1977 Delta 2914 Cape Canaveral 135°E 676
CS-2A Feb 4, 1983 N-2 Tanegashima 132°E 772
CS-2B Aug 5, 1983 N-2 Tanegashima   670
CS-3A Feb 19, 1988 H-1 Tanegashima 132°E 1,100
CS-3B Sep 16, 1988 H-1 Tanegashima 136°E 1,100