GCOM (Global Change Observing Mission)

GCOM (Global Change Observing Mission) satellites are Japanese Earth resources satellites planned for launch over the coming decade to improve the accuracy of global observations begun by ADEOS and collect data on worldwide environmental change over a period of up to 15 years. GCOM-A1 will carry instruments to monitor concentrations of ozone, CFCs, and major greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. GCOM-B1 will study the large-scale circulation of energy and materials using the Second Generation ion Global Imager (SGLI) and the follow-on of the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer(AMSR). It may also carry NASA's Alpha SCAT and CNES's (the French Space Agency's) Polarization and Directionality of Earth's Reflectance (POLDER). GCOM-B1 will be able to study the distribution of aerosols and water vapor, and make measurements of ice coverage, phytoplankton concentrations, and sea surface wind directions.