HD 10697

HD 10697 (109 Piscium)

HD 10697 is a Sunlike star in the constellation Pisces around which has been found an object that is either a large exoplanet or a brown dwarf. The discovery of the companion object was announced in 2000.


HD 10697, also known as 109 Piscium, is a yellow subgiant star with a higher metallicity than that of the Sun. Its companion, HD 10697 b has mass at least 6 times that of Jupiter and perhaps as great as 38 times the mass of Jupiter. The latter estimate is based on preliminary astrometric measurements suggesting an orbital inclination of 170° (i.e., almost face-on as seen from Earth).


Host star
distance 106 light-years (30.6 pc)
spectral type G5 IV
apparent magnitude 6.29
position RA 01h 44m 55.82s;
Dec +20° 04' 59.34?
other catalog designations 109 Pisces, HIP 8159, Gl 72, HR 508, BD+19°282

mass (Jupiter=1) > 6.12
semimajor axis 2.13 AU (320 million km, 198 million miles)
orbital period 1,077.9 days
eccentricity 0.11
discovery 2000, SFSU Planet Search
method of discovery radial velocity



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