HD 192263

HD 192263

HD 192263 is a K-type star in the constellation Aquila around which has been found an exoplanet with a mass at least about three quarters that of Jupiter. This planet, HD 192263 b, moves in a small, nearly circular orbit amd qualifies as a "hot Jupiter" or epistellar Jovian.


Host star
distance 64.85 light-years (19.89 pc)
spectral type K2V
apparent magnitude 8.1
temperature 5,560°C
luminosity (Sun=1) 1.35
mass (Sun=1) 1.0
position RA 20h 13m 59.85s; Dec -0° 52' 0.76"
other catalog designations BD-01°3925, HIP 99711


mass (Jupiter=1) > 0.72
semimajor axis 0.15 AU (22.5 million km, 14 million mi)
orbital period 24.35 days
eccentricity 0.0
discovery 1999, Santos, Mayor, et al, Geneva Observatory
method radial velocity