HD 217107

HD 217107

HD 217107 is a Sun-like star in the constellation Pisces around which has been found an exoplanet slightly more massive than Jupiter in an extraordinarily small orbit of significant eccentricity.1


Host star
distance 121 light-years (37 pc)
spectral type G8 IV
apparent magnitude 6.16
temperature 5,090 °C (5,360 K)
luminosity (Sun=1) 1.32
mass (Sun=1) 1.02
position RA 22h 58m 16s, Dec -02° 23' 42"


mass (Jupiter=1) 1.28
semi-major axis 0.074 AU (11.1 million km, 6.9 million mi)
orbital period 7.11 days
eccentricity 0.14
discovery 1998, Marcy et al, SFSU Planet Search, Lick and Keck Obs.
method radial velocity



1. Fischer, D., Marcy, G., Butler, P., Vogt, S., and Apps, K. "Planetary Companions Around Two Solar Type Stars: HD 195019 and HD 217107," Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 111, 50 (1999).