Koronis family of asteroids

The Koronis family is a Hirayama family of asteroids in the outer part of the main asteroid belt orbiting at mean distances of 2.82 to 2.95 AU from the Sun. Mainly of S-class (silicaceous), with similar colors and albedos, these objects are all believed to have originated in the breakup of a single, highly homogenous parent body, some 100 km in diameter. The family is named after 158 Koronis, the first member to be found, in 1876 by the German astronomer Victor Knorre (1840–1919). The largest members are 208 Lacrimosa and 167 Urda, with diameters of 48 and 44 km, respectively, and Ida.


Data for 158 Koronis
diameter 36 km
spectral class S
semimajor axis 2.871 AU
perihelion 2.72 AU
aphelion 3.02 AU
Inclination 1.0°
Period 4.86 yrs