M74 (NGC 628)

M74 (NGC 628)

M74. Image courtesy Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes.

M74 (NGC 628) is a conspicuous spiral galaxy in the constellation Pisces. M74 is a classic "grand-design" Sc galaxy (see galaxy classification) seen almost exactly face-on. Its spiral arms, some 1,000 light-years broad, are traced with clusters of young blue stars and pinkish colored diffuse gaseous nebulae (H II regions). These arms reach out to cover a region more than 10 minutes of arc in diameter, corresponding to roughly 95,000 light years, or about the same size as our Milky Way Galaxy.


visual magnitude 10.2
angular size 10.5' × 9.5'
distance 32 million light-years
recession velocity 793 km/s
position R.A. 01h 37m, Dec. +15° 47'